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The Truncator sawhorse was invented by Richard Bowness, a retired builder from the Lake District, to solve his own problems of a hungry woodburning stove and a bad back.  Filling his wood store was a chore rather than being enjoyable, so he made a unique sawhorse that both made chopping logs faster and saved his back.

Richard Bowness Truncator chainsaw sawhorse inventor

Richard is pictured above on the left, with Steve, one of the Truncator team who you’ll regularly see at shows on the right.


Realising there were no other sawhorses available that were as fast, safe or back-friendly, Richard and the Truncator team spent two years developing the product, refining the design to make it as efficient, safe and durable as possible.

As soon as the sawhorse was launched, we started getting comments like “Brilliant, I’ve never cut so many logs in such a short time in 50 years and no backache to boot” – Mr R Stoker.  We’ve also won various awards, such as:

  • Technical Innovation Award at the Royal Highland Show 2013
  • Best Product at the CLA Game Fair 2013
  • The Innovation Award at the CN Group Business Awards 2014


You may also recognise the Truncator sawhorse from Dragon’s Den, which was an unforgettable experience for Richard and his right-hand man Steve.  The Dragons loved the product, but unfortunately Richard and Steve couldn’t remember their figures (a classic error on Dragon’s Den).  Despite not getting a Dragon, the phone started ringing the second the programme had finished!

Truncator is based in the beautiful Lake District and is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.