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7Pro Chainsaw Sawhorse Steel


Truncator 7Pro Chainsaw sawhorse is the heavy duty multi log sawhorse and it is the largest workhorse of the range. It is a great product if you have a lot of wood to cut. With seven tipping cups you can process wood very quickly. The Truncator 7Pro Chainsaw sawhorse is perfect for a woodland or farm yard area. The galvanised steel will last for years.

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The Truncator 7Pro chainsaw sawhorse is the workhorse of the range. The heavy duty galvanised steel trestle holds two wooden beams with 7 tipping cups are mounted on top. The cups are made of recycled car battery plastic. They are amazingly tough and strong. The plastic is designed to not blunt your saw if you should hit the cups with your chainsaw. The trestle is fully adjustable to ensure you get the right height for your cutting.

Simple fast log cutting with Truncator 7Pro Chainsaw sawhorse

This fundamentally makes cutting logs easy. The shear size of the Truncator 7Pro Chainsaw sawhorse allows you to process wood faster. Multiple logs held at waist height, it’s so simple and safe to really make a dent in the wood pile. You could even place the Truncator 7Pro Chainsaw sawhorse next to your digger bucket or Dumpy bags and you will speed the process up even faster.

The Truncator 7Pro chainsaw sawhorse really can create at least 60 logs in 60 seconds!

Truncator 7Pro:

  • 1 x Boxed heavy duty trestle system
  • 1 x Clamping cord cups with tipping system
  • 6 x Holding cups with tipping system
  • 2 x Wooden beams
  • 1 x Fixing Kit

Weight: 24.4Kg
Beam Length: 1.9m

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Comes in Earth Tone Grey


CoolMax Cotton/Polyester Blend


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