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We’re so confident that you’ll love your Truncator log sawhorse that we offer a no-quibble money back guarantee, even if you’ve used it.
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Truncator® Multi log sawhorse – Award winning

The Truncator log sawhorse was developed with three aims in mind: easier, faster and safer log cutting!

Multiple logs can be cut at the same time and the patented tipping cups mean you don’t have to pick up the logs from the floor – you can tip them straight into your container, such as a wheelbarrow, log bags, trailer or tractor bucket.  This innovative new log sawhorse saves time, saves effort, is kinder on your back and safer.

How does it work?

  1. Place your lengths of timber into the cups on the log sawhorse.
  2. Secure one end of the timber with the quick-release securing cord.
  3. Cut down between the cups with your chainsaw, producing multiple logs per cut.
  4. The cut logs are held in the cups.
  5. Release the securing cord and tip each cup of logs straight into your container.

Benefits of the Truncator Multi log chainsaw sawhorse

  • Faster log making
    With each cut of your saw you can produce multiple logs, saving you a huge amount of time.  And because you can tip the logs straight into a container there’s also no time spent collecting cut logs from the floor and transferring them.  This makes it highly efficient and more than 5 times faster than a traditional sawhorse. Just think how quickly you could convert your wood pile into fuel for your stove…
  • Safer working practice
    Cutting at waist height minimises the risk of lower leg and foot injury.  Unlike other sawhorses you won’t need to hold the timber in place yourself (or get a friend to feed timber across the sawhorse), which also entirely removes the significant risk of hand injury.  With the timber secured in the sawhorse and both hands safely behind your saw you can cut logs with complete confidence and control.
  • Easier on your back
    Cutting at waist height drastically decreases strain on your back, as does not having to repeatedly bend down to pick up cut logs from the floor and transfer them into a container.  With a Truncator® sawhorse, backache from log cutting will be a thing of the past.
  • Consistent length logs
    The cups can be spaced to create the perfect size log for your fire or woodburner every time, and any size timber up to 25cm in diameter, including bent pieces, can easily be cut.
  • Chain friendly
    All parts that might come in contact with your saw are non-metal, so they won’t blunt your chain (we know nobody likes sharpening their chain!).
  • Heavy-duty
    The Truncator sawhorse is built to last with a durable heavy-duty steel trestle and incredibly tough recycled plastic cups.  It has a maximum load capacity of 120kg.  It’ll make cutting your logs easier, faster and safer for years to come.

What do others say about it?

“When I first saw the Truncator on the TV I realized that this was a supremely safe way of using a chainsaw to cut logs. So much safer than the standard wooden or metal saw horse. As a Trauma Consultant I have seen the results of chainsaw accidents not just from kick back upwards into face and head but downward saw continuation onto legs and feet. The idea of the Truncator is so simple and safe that any amateur log cutter should consider it an essential tool when cutting wood. I feel so much safer now when cutting my logs.” Alan (via Trustpilot).

“I write to say a big ‘thank you’ for the superb Truncator that arrived last week. It was extremely straightforward to assemble and use, and I estimate that it took me about one-fifth of the usual time to cut several weeks’ worth of logs, not to mention an enormous saving of effort and lower-back strain.” Mr G Pickles

“I am writing to say I have today used the Truncator for the first time. It is fantastic, whilst I am not one for hyperbole it is brilliant. It took around a third of the time to cut the wood together with being 100% safer. I have tried other sawhorses none of which really worked, they either broke or took a ages to cut any quantity.” Mr W Lonsdale

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Frequently asked questions about using the Truncator sawhorse

There’s a 50mm gap between the bottom of the cup and the top of the beam, so when the sawhorse is set to the correct working height, it’s rare you’ll cut into it.  And if you do accidentally nick it, the beam is timber rather than metal, so it won’t blunt your chain.
The timber is held tightly in place with a quick-release securing cord, keeping the load held firmly in place throughout cutting.  The cups also have a patented shape that causes the timber to keep dropping further down into the base of the cup during cutting, instead of spinning back toward you and jumping out.
You can cut any shape wood, even if it’s bent or twisted – if it fits in the cups you can cut it! It’s a great way to turn awkward pieces of wood into perfect logs.
The cups are manufactured from recycled car battery plastic and are designed to flex to accommodate large logs.  During the development process we stress-tested a single cup with a 16” diameter, 120 kilo weight with no breakages.
With other sawhorses you have to repeatedly bend down to pick up the cut logs from the floor, but with a Truncator sawhorse you’ll never need to do this again – you can just tip them straight into your container.
The cups can be spaced across the beam to create the perfect length of log for your fire or woodburner.  With the standard beams supplied you can make logs between 23 and 33cm (9 -13 inches) long.
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