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Will I cut through the beam? 2016-04-26T13:51:36+00:00

If the beam is set to the correct height you should not cut into the beam very often. It is expected that the beam will wear slightly – if it is becoming very worn it will need replacing.

Why isn’t it all made from metal? 2015-07-14T09:53:31+00:00

If the cups or beam were metal and you accidentally nicked them with your chainsaw it would blunt the chain (and no-one likes sharpening their chainsaw!).

What size TRUNCATOR do I need? 2015-07-14T09:53:04+00:00

I’s a simple matter of the available space you have for your sawhorse. The larger Truncator your buy the more efficient you will be in making logs.

Do not worry however as you can always buy single cups to add to your existing Truncator. We have designed and built the system in a modular set up you can simply just add parts of the system to existing parts.

We wanted from the start to make the Truncator as future proof as possible you simply just buy a new part to build on your existing Truncator.

Can I retrofit my existing sawhorse with TRUNCATOR cups? 2016-10-18T10:57:55+00:00

If you already have a sawhorse you can retrofit it very easily with the TRUNCATOR log cups. If you also get the 2 straps you do not even need to do any serious bolting or screwing to connect the cups to the sawhorse!

It is your responsibility to make sure a suitably strong trestle is used and the sawhorse base is stable enough.

Buy just Truncator Cups and Straps here

Please note:
The manufacturers cannot be held responsible for any accidents or damage caused whilst using log cups retrofitted to existing sawhorses.

Can you cut bent wood? 2015-07-14T09:14:10+00:00

Yes, the sawhorse is very good for cutting bent wood. Because the sawhorse supports the wood any shape no matter how twisted can be cut. Even 90 degree bends can be chopped and then logged

Can you cut different sized logs with one TRUNCATOR? 2015-07-14T09:15:59+00:00

Yes, but only if the size of one log is double the size of the other. For example, using a 200mm sawhorse you can cut 200mm logs and 400mm logs (by cutting down every other slot).

Don’t the logs jump out? 2015-07-14T09:16:34+00:00

No, when you cut through the logs they rattle down into the bottom of the cup – see the video for proof.

How wide can I set the cups apart? 2015-07-14T09:19:35+00:00

The maximum width between cups is 18cm or the width of the cup itself. It is important that all the wood in the Truncator is supported to stop the chain catching.

What size timber can I cut? 2015-07-14T09:52:02+00:00

You can cut anything up to 25cm in diameter.