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3Fold Chainsaw Sawhorse Steel


3Fold Chainsaw Sawhorse Steel is a fully height adjustable chainsaw sawhorse. It’s small enough to be stored away when not in use. This amazing workhorse will allow you to cut loads of logs quickly and easily. The system will protect you from Lower leg injury.


Product Description

3fold chainsaw sawhorse, strong and compact, the Truncator 3Fold is perfect for all jobs.

With the 3Fold Chainsaw Sawhorse Steel, The 3 cups and beam on the trestle make light work of any wood pile. The folding trestle legs allows the sawhorse to be stored more easily. The steel frame trestle gives great support and can hold a large amount of wood to be cut up into logs.

The whole system weighs 17Kg unloaded.

  • Always working at waist height to save your back
  • Lightweight
  • Folding legs
  • Tipping cup system
  • Beam protects the lower half of your body from chainsaw
  • Hight ajustable
  • Adjustable cups for perfect log lengths for your stove/ fire

The dimensions of the 3Fold are as follows:

Weight: 16.5Kg – 36lb
Length: 90cm (.9m) – 35 inches
Width: 23cm – 9 inches

Maximum log held in Cup:
28cm – 11 inches

Maximum log held proud of cup:
40 cm – 15 inches

Cup Depth:
22cm – 8 inches

*Max working height :
78.5cm – 2 feet 6 inches

*Min working height :
58.5 cm – 1 foot 11 inches

*The adjustable height system


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