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We know you'll love our Truncator sawhorses as much as we do. But don't take our word for it, read the testimonials from our sawhorse users!

I have to say, it’s been a complete pleasure from start to finish. How refreshing – a great British company selling a great British product with good old fashioned values and a very pleasant personal touch to go with it! Well done.
Carla, Truncator 4Fold
Its great! , I no longer have to hold the wood, as Ken saws.
Adel, Truncator 6Pro
I don’t need Adel helping me anymore, and I get a lot more done without her. Much easier, safer and I can cut up anything in half the time.
Ken, Truncator 6Pro
Brilliant, never cut so many logs in such short a time in 50 years and no backache to boot
Rob Stocker, Truncator 4Fold
I am writing to say I have today used the truncator for the first time. It is fantastic, Whilst I am not one for hyperbole it is brilliant. It took around a third of the time to cut the wood together with being 100% safer. I have tried other sawhorses none of which really worked, they either broke or took a ages to cut any quantity. Thank you
William Lonsdale, Truncator 4Fold
I write to say a big ‘thank you’ for the superb Truncator that arrived last week. It was extremely straightforward to assemble and use, and I estimate that it took me about one-fifth of the usual time to cut several weeks’ worth of logs, not to mention an enormous saving of effort and lower-back strain. Like all the greatest innovations, Truncator is a simple idea, but what a brilliant one! I wish you great success in the future.
Geoff Pickles, Truncator 4Fold
A great idea! Got just the cups and mounted them on my own bench. Easy to do as they only need four screws each. Made making logs so easy well done!
Drustin, 4 Cup Pack
Thank you very much for the complimentary cup. I have assembled the Truncator at my Somerset cottage and last week end I cut about 1 ton of logs in seemingly no time at all. The Truncator worked brilliantly! Not only without backache, but much safer than my usual method, with no kick-back. Thank you for a great product.
Peter, Truncator 4Fold
What a wonderful machine, we have used it all day today, and no-one has a sore back.
Mr Cowgill - Farmer, Truncator 6Pro
Very impressed, excellent safety , log size spot on. No problems after getting height right for sawing, is easy on the back.
Bruce - Caravan’s Roughley, Lancs, Truncator 4Fold
Absolutely brilliant – Using it on a workmate. I’m very happy with it and it has made life easier for me. Fine for people to give me a ring.
Lesley Edkins, Truncator 4Fold
This is a great idea spare cups just in case you damage your cup. Or better still add to your system to make your self more efficient
James May, Single Truncator cup